Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Long Way Down by M. Sembera *Blog Tour*

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Title: The Long Way Down
Author: M. Sembera
Genera: Standalone/Women's Fiction/Romance
Release Date: September 22, 2016
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The Long Way Down is a Women's Fiction/Romance standalone based on the character Abigail from my Rennillia Series. Highlighted by the men in her life, Abigail's story begins with a summer friendship, that sparks a life-long game of back and forth. As she and Soman commit to making their childhood dreams come true, first loves, broken hearts, and betrayal pit them against one another. Lines are not only drawn, but crossed when the two reconcile just long enough to create a legacy that neither one can control.
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"I have something of yours," he informed as he made his way to the round table sitting right next the small kitchen.

Chills broke out across my skin as I watched him open a small box and lift its contents out.

"The hospital took it when you were committed," he shared, walking towards me with the necklace he gave me in this very cabin years ago. "I thought you might want it back."

Without a word, I pulled my now shoulder length black hair up and allowed him to fasten it around my neck.
Caught up in the sentiment, I wrapped my arms around his waist as he leaning down and kissed me.

"Wait," I blurted, breaking our kiss and pulling away. "Won't being with me violate your integrity?"

He drew in a deep breath before wrapping his arms around me.

His lips were an inch or so shy of mine as he looked into my eyes and declared, "Tomorrow night, if it goes bad, they're coming after all of us. There's no way in hell I'm going to let anything stand in the way of us being together, even if it means sacrificing everything I've worked my whole life for."

If I was a better person, I would have stopped him right then and there. Instead, I closed what little space was left between us as I kissed him.
A combination of reminiscence and rediscovered yearning flowed through me. His movements left little measure for reservations. His kisses were fervent as we rolled around on his bed, pulling at each other's clothes. The moment nothing else remained between us, he traveled my body with his mouth. My insides hummed, savoring the sensation as he tasted every inch of my skin. I began to beg for him. My pleas provoked him to sink into me, pulling us both under with an overindulgence of ecstasy. Francis was just as I remembered him to be with the additional benefit of age and experience lengthening what was once youthful haste.

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